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Meticulous Home Services (NZ) Limited is a national leader in the home services industry. Regardless of your previous experience we provide a systematic training in all aspects of running your business and provide ongoing support. This programme concentrates on the practical aspects of the service system, managing the franchise business and development of your exclusive territory.

A Winning System

Meticulous Home Services (NZ) Limited provides three unique home service systems. These successful systems have been developed using our experience in providing home services and operating a successful franchise business. Our culture of providing a range of complementary high quality home services through well trained franchise owners has enhanced our growth in an accelerated market environment.

24/7 Service

Our customers can make contact with us through a service network receiving calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Calls received are immediately despatched to our franchise owners who arrange to provide services to meet customers needs, freeing up their time from household chores to pursue leisure and other interests.

Protected Exclusive Territories

Meticulous Home Services (NZ) Limited franchise territories are typically large allowing franchise owners to expand their business through the appointment of service teams to meet their business goals. These territories cannot be split by Meticulous Home Services.
We have found our protected territories mean franchise owners work together cooperatively to assist each other in building of successful businesses. Franchise owners willingly share experience and freely give advice to each other which builds a family environment of trust and support.

Franchise Support

Meticulous Home Services (NZ) Limited has appointed a network of Master Franchise owners throughout New Zealand. These master franchise owners are committed to the provision of day to day support to franchise owners from their support offices and regular field visits.
The benefits of the bulk purchasing of equipment and products is also facilitated by the master franchise owners to ensure business expenses are minimised and profits enhanced.
Meticulous Home Services (NZ) Limited franchise owners receive regular communication and ongoing training through regular franchise meetings, training seminars, newsletters and an annual national conference.

Marketing and Advertising Programme

Meticulous Home Services (NZ) Limited marketing and advertising programmes are designed to produce the maximum return to franchise owners. The initial marketing programme focuses on building public awareness and sales. As the customer base grows a broader programme is implemented to further enhance awareness and sales to build the franchise business.
Mediums used in the programmes include flyer drops, advertorials promoting the franchise owner and the range of services, newspaper advertising, Yellow Pages advertising, promotional stalls and direct marketing campaigns. These programmes generate regular calls from potential home service customers which supplement the referrals we get from existing satisfied customers.

Franchise Owner Training

Franchise owners attend an initial training school conducted by Meticulous Home Services (NZ) Limited. This school is conducted over a week providing comprehensive franchise system training in the provision of service and business training in all aspects of running a successful franchise business. Following this training school franchise owners are coached in the field by their master franchise owner for a period of time until the franchise owner is competent in the key aspects of running the franchise business.
Team members also receive initial training from master franchise owners prior to their first day on the job. Each new team member receives training in the techniques of our systems and the quality standards of Meticulous Home Services (NZ) Limited.
The specialised system of providing service Monday to Friday at above average pay rates attracts full-time and part-time staff to our business.
Our team members are our most valuable asset.

Products and Equipment

Included in the purchase price of the franchise business are all the tools, equipment, uniforms, supplies and products to equip one cleaning team. The only items you are required to purchase separately are your vehicles, computer hardware, operating software and accounting software.
The ongoing supply of these items is centrally managed through the master franchise owners. The benefits of bulk purchasing ensure prompt supply and business expenses are minimised and profits enhanced. .

Database Management Software

OMeticulous Home Services (NZ) Limited exclusive database and service scheduling Customer Information System assists franchise owners to manage their customer base and work scheduling efficiently. The system has been developed over a number of years and caters for the needs of each of the service offerings.

Investment Range

We have a range of opportunities available, both new franchise areas and occasionally existing franchise businesses. Contact us for more details.
Total investment: $25,000 to $60,000 plus.
Minimum start up cash required: $15,000.

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Please complete the Contact Us page or telephone our Franchise Manager, Barry on (09) 449-2004. We will be pleased to either send you more information or meet with you on a no obligation basis.