The Meticulous Story

Meticulous Home Services (NZ) Limited was established in the early 1990’s to meet the needs of the growing numbers of two income families, single heads of households and career orientated professionals who were too busy to do their own housework. These discriminating consumers are reluctant to open their doors to the traditional domestic, or a “one off” cleaning person. They demand excellent service from people that they can trust, and the founders of Meticulous Home Services realised that these people would support a Company with a proven track record in providing home services.

The Meticulous Home Services (NZ) Limited franchise system has been created to provide a business venture which would be particularly suitable for a family operation or a sole operator with employees.

Meticulous Maids was the first home cleaning franchise system to be launched in New Zealand and has been operating successfully since 1993. Since then the business has been expanded with the development of the Meticulous Home Care system incorporating Meticulous Window and Exterior Care catering to the servicing of windows and outdoor cleaning, carpet care for carpet and floor maintenance, and Meticulous Lawn and Garden Care catering for gardening, lawn maintenance and mowing.

Currently in excess of thirty Meticulous Home Services (NZ) Limited franchise businesses operate in exclusive territories throughout New Zealand. These franchisees are enjoying success and high growth in their businesses as a result of referrals from delighted customers and from the Meticulous advertising and marketing programme.

The very real success of Meticulous Home Services (NZ) Limited is primarily due to its commitment to outstanding service to its customers.